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       PPSU is a full service maintenance company which includes but not limited to:  On-site maintenance, depot repair, installations, de-installations, computer sales, computer training, data processing supplies, networking and computer integration services.

                    PPSU is an innovative firm specializing in creative performance driven programs.  Our organization is geared to meet the unique needs of our customers ever changing environment.

                    Our niche market is the provision of total site responsibility for our clients pc, terminal, and mainframe equipment.  The benefits to our clients are the elimination of contention between vendors, enhanced performance on response and repair time and the freedom for customers to purchase equipment best suitable for their needs.

                   Started in 1985 by former IBM employees, the company is managed by Patricia Parker (ceo), George Parker (president).  These executives have brought years of experience with large organizations and a wealth of knowledge to the firm.

                     PPSU is headquartered in Williamstown, NJ.  The staff consists of 14 people.  All of the PPSU technical staff are A+ certified and the majority of our senior staff has an average of 20 yrs. experience in the computer field.  An ongoing training program involving the latest equipment and software developments insures that PPSU remains in the forefront of the computer services industry.


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